Take control of your inbox.
Jump start productivity for all teams.

Turn words into actions

YuDoMail automatically turns emails into tasks called Requests that can then be assigned to an owner, given a deadline, tagged, prioritised and clearly tracked until completion. Giving you the satisfaction of a job well done at the end of the day.

Smarter team collaboration

Avoid Cc or Bcc email trails that you can't escape from. With YuDoMail you can comment on Requests, share documents and follow or unfollow conversations, allowing you to collaborate internally while staying in the loop only when you have to. Best of all, it's all totally invisible to the customer.

Maintain workflow visibility

With YuDoMail's metrics dashboard you get complete, real-time analytics at your fingertips so you can track team performance and have a complete picture of work in progress - and completed - at all times.

"We trialled YuDo over 18 months ago to solve a growing problem in one of our teams. They had lost control over their client communications, which was impacting their customer experience and their ability to provide the service they wanted. We replaced Microsoft Outlook as their client email platform. The benefits were immediate, and they have now been using it successfully - and happily - ever since. In fact, the program worked so well that we now have every one of our 180 staff using YuDo - including our support teams. At a stroke, it has made our client communications measurable and accountable, and our staff love the functionality and ease of use. Moving off YuDo is now unthinkable!"

Reg Bamford | Founder and CEO - Sable Group