YuDoMail removes the headaches of inbox management - organising, filing, prioritising, assigning and managing tasks, tracking deadlines - while remaining flexible, fast and easy to use. YuDoMail can replace or be used alongside your existing email program

Notify Teams Without Generating Noise

Send a Notice to a group to communicate effectively without the noise of endless 'Reply All' chains.

Follow, don't copy

Following a Request instead of CC'ing colleagues lets you stay in the loop when your attention is required.

YuDoMail lets you take back control and escape those endless chains of CC'd emails.


Add comments and attachments to Requests that are only visible within your organisation.

Discuss case notes, and collaborate on documents all within the context of a Request.

Take Ownership and Track Responsibility

As a user, you can quickly Accept Requests sent to you, and see who has Accepted those you sent.

As a manager you now have insight into who on your team is working on each Request, and how the workload is spread among them.

Set Deadlines and Meet SLAs

Set a due date on your Requests to ensure you're meeting your SLAs.

Requests with due dates in the future are kept out of your way to let you work on the most important tasks.

Archive Everything and Stay Compliant

With YuDoMail nothing is deleted; Completed items are archived for future reference.

Stay compliant and relax that email streams are associated to a single Request so all the information is in one place. No digging though endless email folders!

Bundles of Attachments

Which email was that attachment in? With YuDoMail all the attachments associated with a Request are visible in one place.

No need to hunt around, you can easily download or forward on any attachment received in the course of the conversation.

Automatic Threading Keeps Your Emails Linked

With YuDoMail, replies to emails are automatically linked together to a single Request with a complete timeline view of your conversation.

Offshoots to the conversation can be easily created or merged.

What Metrics Does Your Email Client Give You?

YuDoMail's Reporting Dashboard gives you detailed insight into the Requests your teams are working on.

Use our export functionality to perform deeper analysis of trends and performance.